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Where haute cuisine meets exceptional wine pairings from around the world, the white tables of La Vague d'Or are a blank canvas for the creative master of Arnaud Donckele's celebrated team.
« La Balade Epicurienne » Gourmet
Experience (including beverages)

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Gift for 2 persons

 A  journey between land and sea, at the intersection of flavours and inspiration, Chef Arnaud Donckele invites guests to a magical immersion into his gustatory universe. His creative mastery is the promise of an exceptional experience where each dish is a blank canvas where he plays with delicate yet bold combinations.
A taste of « La Balade Epicurienne »


Gift for 2 persons

The cuisine of Arnaud Donckele is a rustic journey through the Mediterranean. On one hand, it gives guests a peek into Provence, flirting with the subtle flavours of sun-ripened vegetables and the aromatic richness of the region’s fresh herbs. On the other, it transports diners across the sea to taste the nutty essence of exotic argan oil.
Our establishment in few words
La Résidence de la Pinède

Set in the magnificent depths of a natural park, La Résidence de la Pinède offers a tranquil setting opening out onto the sea. The only hotel of Saint-Tropez to have its own private beach, it is the ideal locale to indugle in seaside pleasures and escapades at the heart of the mythical village. 

La Résidence de la Pinède is located 60 km from Toulon - Hyères and 115 km from Nice International Airport. Helicopter connections are possible from Nice International Airport and are a 20 minute flight. 

The hotel features an enclosed private parking lot, valet parking as well as a dock for the reception of private boat charters.